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Dynabook and its affiliated companies does not guarantee the accuracy, availability, certainty, safety and other aspects of the content published on this website. The content of this website may be changed or deleted without notice.
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Intellectual Property

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Refer to the Copyright page for details on copyright.

Prohibited Acts

  • The following acts against Dynabook or its affiliated companies and its directors or employees, or other companies (individuals) and organizations:
    • Defamatory, slanderous or intimidating acts
    • Acts causing disadvantage or damage
    • Acts that may be damaging to the trust in Dynabook
  • Acts that are illegal or have the possibility of being illegal
  • Acts that disturb public order and generally accepted standards of decency

Links to the Website

Please comply with the following when posting a link to this website.

  • The dynabook logo cannot be used when posting the link. (The use of the dynabook logo requires a contract with and permission from Dynabook Inc.)
  • Links that make it unclear that the website is the Dynabook website, or that may result in misunderstanding on the part of a third party will not be accepted.
  • Links that apply to the item “Prohibited Acts” in the Terms of Use will not be accepted.

Suggestions from our customers

Dynabook will not accept any suggestions from our customers about products, technology, manufacture and sales methods or design etc., unless Dynabook has expressly requested this or it applies to the following definitions of “Suggestions that will be considered.” Your understanding is appreciated. If, however, regardless of the above request, we receive any suggestions that do not conform to “Suggestions that will be considered,” Dynabook shall neither be responsible for the confidentiality of that suggestion, nor responsible for considering that suggestion.

Applicable Law and Court Jurisdiction

The use of this website and the operation of these terms of use are governed by Chinese Law unless otherwise specified. Any disputes related to this website shall come under the jurisdiction of the Hangzhou District Court in the first instance unless otherwise specified.

Website Links

The responsibility for the management of third party websites other than those of Dynabook’s affiliated companies with links to or from this website (hereinafter referred to as “third party links”) lie with the company responsible for their operation. That there is a link to the Dynabook website does not mean that Dynabook has a special relationship with the company operating the third party link, nor does it mean that Dynabook recommends the content of the third party link. Dynabook accepts no responsibility for the content or use of third party links.